Watkins Jones £30m Chester scheme approved

| Mon 9th January | 7:53

Construction group Watkins Jones has received planning for its £30m Gorse Stacks mixed-use development in Chester.

The 129,000 sq ft scheme is being developed in partnership with Chester City Council and was designed by Nightingale Associates.

Located in a city centre conservation area adjacent to Chester’s historic walls, the three block complex will contain 42 apartments, offices and a health centre.

The 6-storey superstructure will have gull-wing roofs and incorporate shops and restaurants with private underground parking for over 500 cars.

Chairman of Watkin Jones Group, Glyn Watkin Jones, said: “This has been a long drawn out and complex project on a site where the originally consented scheme had stalled in a difficult financial climate where demand for retail and private residential property had evaporated.

“Nightingale’s team have laboured unstintingly and the resulting planning consent is testament to their skill and does them great credit.”

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