£35m job at Davyhulme sewage works up for grabs

| Wed 23rd May | 7:17

United Utilities has started the pre-tendering process for a £35m project at its largest waste water treatment plant in Davyhulme, Manchester.

The plant is undergoing an upgrade programme to improve wastewater treatment from a population equivalent of about 1.1 million from the Greater Manchester conurbation.

Davyhulme discharges its fluid effluent into the Manchester Ship Canal and the new works will imrpove the quality of water released.

The new process treatment facility will consist of two main process areas, a liquor treatment plant (LTP)  and a tertiary ammonia removal plant (TARP) to treat the high volume sewage flows.

Interested firms have are invited to an introductory presentation to be held on 13 June  at the Everglades Park Hotel, Derby Road, Widnes.

Contact: Alison Ardrey tel: 01925773287 or email alison.ardrey@uuplc.co.uk

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