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Editorial and Advertising

Aaron Morby
Tel: 07976 432 326
[email protected]

Grant Prior
News Editor
Tel: 07775 870 417
[email protected]

Jenny Martin
Sales Director
Tel: 07803 523 339
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Construction Enquirer
3 Brand Street
London SE10 8SP

Construction Enquirer is owned and run by experienced journalists Aaron Morby and Grant Prior.

Both have been working in construction journalism for more than 20 years. Aaron has previously been editor of Construction News and Contract Journal while Grant has worked as news editor at both titles.

Grant said: “We decided to set up a construction news service which is free but offers quality editorial thanks to our experience in the industry and the contacts we have made over the years.

“We believe the delivery of news in the industry is moving rapidly online as people demand information in real time.

“Construction Enquirer provides fast, accurate news in a succinct format that provides industry professionals all they need to know in minutes.

“We know what is important to contractors and will also provide regular comment on the biggest issues facing the industry.

“People don’t want to pay for online news or wait for a weekly magazine to get information.

“Many free sites simply regurgitate news stories from national and local papers and are edited by people with no real knowledge of construction.

“Others also fill their pages with world news which is irrelevant to UK contractors in a bid to inflate their traffic figures.

“Construction Enquirer fills the gap for free, quality and informed news in real time alongside the latest contract opportunities and job vacancies.

“We also offer companies the perfect place to market their goods and services to the largest construction audience in the business.”