Construction Marketing Guide

Promoting your company in the ever-changing world of online and social media can be confusing.

The construction marketing world is full of consultants, agencies and media companies vying for your business.

The bottom line for contractors and suppliers is that they want to put their products and services in front of the largest audience of potential buyers.

Social media and content marketing are promoted as viable alternatives to traditional advertising.

One involves engaging with people on services like Twitter while the basic idea of content marketing is that filling your company website with good-quality information will attract visitors.

Making a company website as informative and easy-to-use as possible should be common sense – a poor site is the online equivalent of a bad brochure back in the days of print.

But even your best work won’t spark a surge of instant interest in your company without an advertising campaign to back it up.

Twitter is popular among marketing people and journalists and is a way of maintaining your profile in that arena.

Engaging via social media can only be a good thing – but using the right channel is paramount which is why the Enquirer has launched its new Social Club.

A combined approach between advertising your brand and influencing people via social media is the best way to boost sales.

Every Enquirer story has counters on the top highlighting how widely our stories are shared via Twitter and LinkedIn.

The example below highlights the massive difference in social shares between the same story on the Enquirer and Construction News.

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 10.24.22

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 10.25.43

The perfect way of raising your profile and finding more customers is to engage with a website that has done the hard work for you and already enjoys a huge online audience.

The Enquirer generates more than 1.5 million page views a month and has more than 42,000 subscribers to its daily newsletter.

Construction people read our combination of news and work leads and we have the biggest audience in the business.

We deliver important news stories to busy professionals in a format which can be read in minutes.

They want hard news in a quick and easy to read format.

Some people claim that in the world of social media traditional advertising does not work.

Well that’s certainly news to companies still spending billions online, in print and on TV and radio to raise their brand awareness.

Let’s imagine you are launching a new service or product to the construction industry.

Do you spend your money paying people to Tweet and blog all day in the hope that buyers will take notice of you?

Or do you work with the Enquirer who can provide exposure in front of a massive guaranteed construction and social media audience?

Advertising online works and can channel people to your newly improved websites.

Online advertising offers the traditional brand-building advantages of print campaigns plus the concrete evidence of click-throughs to your site.

A page advert in a weekly construction magazine costs around £4,000 and appears in less than 10,000 editions.

Ads on the Enquirer cost from £400 for one month and appear on at least 330,000 pages.

Pay-per-click advertising with search engines is also a viable option.

But there is a world of difference between reaching the man-in-the-street looking to buy a few bricks and the purchasing manager of a top-ten contractor.

The Enquirer can also offer a whole host of other marketing initiatives alongside traditional ads and sponsorship of our daily newsletter.

Our database can be hired for direct marketing campaigns and sponsored links bought when a story mentions your company.

As the marketing landscape continues to evolve the Enquirer will change with it – backed up by the constant assurance of our huge industry reach.

Promoting your brand in any way can only be a positive move.

But the most cost-effective way of reaching the construction market is via the Enquirer.